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Working for his Family

Domingo Martinez, 36, works at Rocking TJ Farms in Hemingford, Neb.  He is the sole provider for his family of six.  When he and his wife, Sulema, were growing up in Mexico and Nebraska, they both worked on the farms pulling weeds and thinning the fields of sugar beets.

But since the introduction of Roundup Ready sugar beets, the number of jobs in the area have diminished significantly.  Sulema can no longer find work in the fields, so she stays home to watch their four kids.

Martinez spent Monday morning tilling the corn fields, but the left over sugar beets from last year’s harvest continually got caught in the tilling rotors.  So Martinez had to stop in the middle of the field almost every pass in order to remove the stuck sugar beets.

Check out the UNL photo documentary project’s progress here.

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