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King of the Kitchen

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SLIDESHOW: John Buller – Daily Nebraskan – Multimedia.

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NU Volleyball vs. Missouri

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Soccer vs. Kansas

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Big Boi

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Big Boi and Macklemore performed on campus on Oct. 14.

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A Wonderful Opportunity

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photo by Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to assist a Sports Illustrated photographer for the Texas at Nebraska football game.  How could I say no?!

Starting Friday afternoon, a few of my peers and I helped set up Bill Frakes’ portrait session for fans.  We were in a church basement, with awful fluorescent lights, yet Bill’s expertise and equipment made all the photos look like they were made in a professional studio.  On Saturday, we woke bright and early and met him and his assistant, Laura Heald, at their hotel.  We met with Prof. Joe Starita to get an interview about Husker Nation.  When we arrived at Memorial Stadium later in the morning, we had four cameras to set up that would take time lapse shots throughout the entirety of the game.  I babysat the 300 mm on top of the press box that showed fans entering the stadium and cheering for the Huskers.  Then, for the second half, I joined Bill Frakes on the sidelines.  It was my first credentialed football game, so simply seeing the game from that angle was great.  But then actually being able to see how a professional uses his equipment and follows the game was fantastic.

Thank you Bill Frakes and Laura Heald for a demanding, fun and beneficial couple of days!

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